Medusa tool

Hello friends!! In this article, we have discussed each option available in Medusa to make a brute force attack in the various scenario.

Medusa is a speedy, parallel, and modular, login brute-forcer. The goal is to support as many services which allow remote authentication as possible.

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The author considers the following items as some of the key features of this application:. This can be passed multiple times with a. The default is to process.

Medusa Free Download (2020) – #1 Parallel Password Cracker Tool

As said above medusa is a brute forcing tool and you can use -d option to identify all available modules it contains. Medusa is a very impactful tool and also quite easy to use for making a brute force attack on any protocol. Assume you want to crack the password for FTP or any other whose username is with you, you only wish to make a password brute force attack by using a dictionary to guess the valid password.

At that moment you should go with the following command where -u option enables username parameter and -P options enable dictionary for the password list.

medusa tool

As you can observe it has found 1 valid password: for username: raj for FTP login. Assume you want to crack username for FTP or any other whose password is with you, you only wish to make a username brute force attack by using a dictionary to guess the valid username.

Hence it is a vice-versa situation compare to the above situation. At that moment you should go with the following command where -U option enables dictionary for username list and -p options enable password parameter. As you can observe it has found 1 valid username: raj for password: FTP login.

Medusa Flasher v1.1.0.1 Tool (Without box) - Sony & HTC Flash Tool

Suppose you want to crack username and password for FTP or any otherwish to make username and password brute force attack by using a dictionary to guess the valid combination. At that moment you should go with following command where -U option enables dictionary for username list and — P options enables dictionary for the password list. As you can observe it has found 1 valid username: raj for the password: FTP login. If you want to use a user-pass dictionary on multiple hosts in a network then you can use -M option that enables the host list parameter and make brute force attack using the same dictionary and will try the same number of login attempt on each HOST IP mention in the host list.

Here you can observe I had saved two host IP in a text file and then use the following command to make brute force attack on multiple hosts by using the same dictionary. As you can observe it has found 2 valid FTP logins on each Host.

If you have multiple host IP in your host list and you want to make brute force attack only a few numbers of the host then use -T option for the total number of hosts to be tested concurrently. As you can observe from given below the 1 st command make brute force attack on single Host IP whereas in 2 nd command it is making brute force attack on two hosts IP simultaneously. Due to security concern, the network admin changes the port number of a service on another port.

Medusa makes brute force attack on the default port of service as you can observe in above all attacks it has automatically made an attack on port 21 for FTP login.

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But you can use -n option that enables specific port number parameter and launch the attack on mention port instead of default port number. Suppose on scanning the target network I found SSH is running port instead of 22, therefore, I will execute the following command for ssh login attack. As you can observe, in 1 st command of medusa it fails to connect on ssh as port 22 was close and it has found 1 valid password: for username: raj for SSH login port As you can observe with every username, it is trying to match the following combination along with the password list.

For the purpose of the record maintenance, better readability, and future references, we save the output of the Medusa brute force attack onto a file. If you want to hide banner of Medusa while making brute force attack then use -b option to Suppress startup banner. There are six levels for the verbose mode to examine the attack details and also contain an error debug option that contains ten levels for debug mode.

You can use -v option for verbose parameter and -w option for error debugging parameter. As said above there is level from for examining brute force attack at each level, here you will observe the result of is approx.Medusa Flasher is a free-to-use Windows application that helps users make modifications to the firmware or repair the software of their handheld devices.

Following a speedy setup operation that shouldn't give users any trouble, it's necessary to connect the mobile device to the PC since Medusa Flasher cannot be launched otherwise. It's wrapped in a classical-looking interface with a rather intuitive layout, where users can get started by choosing their mobile vendor and model from lists, along with the preferred firmware file and JTAG speed. As far as the flash mode is concerned, it's possible to opt for boot only, full flash or custom.

The start and length can be specified in the last scenario. Write protection can be disabled and the IMEI can be repaired. Log details are displayed while the program is busy making modifications to the firmware on the handheld device.

Brute Forcing Passwords with ncrack, hydra and medusa

The piece of software supports high-speed 2. It is compatible with the latest Windows edition. Medusa Flasher. Description Free Download report malware. Effortlessly update the firmware of your mobile phone or repair it with the help of this simple and straightforward piece of software. What's new in Medusa Flasher 1. Read the full changelog. Medusa Flasher 1. Load comments. All rights reserved.We offer you to subscribe to our newsletters.

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medusa tool

Passwords are often the weakest link in any system. Testing for weak passwords is an important part of security vulnerability assessments. I am going to focus on tools that allow remote service brute-forcing. These are typically Internet facing services that are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Another type of password brute-forcing is attacks against the password hash. Powerful tools such as Hashcat can crack encrypted password hashes on a local system. The three tools I will assess are HydraMedusa and Ncrack from nmap.

medusa tool

Installation of all three tools was straight forward on Ubuntu Linux. Use the standard method to compile an application from source. I grabbed a list of passwords from skullsecurity. Of course, you can find password lists with many thousands or even millions of passwords. You will need to choose what is most appropriate for your password testing as factors such as target type and rate of testing will be major factors. The following tests were performed against a Linux Virtual Machine running on Virtualbox.

Speed will vary depending on whether the target is local, the latency of the connection, and even the processing power of the target system. Heavy brute forcing can impact a targets CPU potentially causing a denial of service condition. Take care if testing production systems. The first series of tests was against SSH. I set the root account with the password toor. I added toor to the end of the password list at number Success again with Medusahowever it took over 10 times as long with the default settings of each tool.

Lets try and speed things up a bit. Cranking up Medusa speed to use 5 concurrent logins fails with the following error:. No change really. Perhaps the limiting factor for Hydra and Ncrack is the speed of response from the VirtualBox machine. Either way, it appears the default speed is pretty good for both tools. There is much more that could be tested for a more comprehensive review. Other protocols, different targets, latency, and further tweaking of the scan speeds and threads.

While ncrack has limited protocol support compared to Hydra and Medusa, the only conclusion for this little test when it comes to speed, reliability, and the ability to hit RDP services ncrack wins!! Next level testing with advanced Security Vulnerability Scanners. Tools May 6, Installation Installation of all three tools was straight forward on Ubuntu Linux. Tests The first series of tests was against SSH.

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Ncrack finished.CMIzapper Medusa 2. The tool you need when repairing boards and you want to see the serial number or the firmware version without putting the board in a Mac or when you forgot your EFI PIN and locked yourself out of your Mac.

Great if you are in the refurbishing business: the Medusa will also read model, serial number, locked status, etc. It is easy to use. The built in LCD display will show you what is going on.

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A requires extra EasyFlash A Price euro including shipping world wide. More adapters are available here. Clear display to see what's going on. Switches for the settings. To connect to newer macs use the red Hirose adapter. To connect to older Macs use the green Hirose adapter.

Even older macs with Molex connector are not supported yet. That way you can then read the ROM into anywhere you want. In the same way you can use any programmer to write the Medusa ROM.

Then connect the Medusa to a mac using one of the two adapters. With the switches you choose the following options:. From time to time we update the hardware or the firmware in the Medusa. Use the Firmware page to checkout what the changes are. Please note that it is not possible to upgrade the firmware. But for existing customers payed exchanges might be possible.

You can then read or write this ROM using your computer and programmer. The programmer need not be a fancy one. Even the cheapest of the cheap will work on the Medusa. Supported Models:. More models are supported if you buy additional EasyFlash adapters. See those here.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. To do software in mobile, you will get information about all the software boxes and dongle market that are available in this app and all the new information will come about any software tools that you will get to see in this app.

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This is Free online shayari app we will give you new shayari updates daily.Medusa free download is yet another parallel password cracker tool in the zone that carries the following features:. It was developed by Geeks at Footfus.

The medusa password cracking tool has been designed to serve the purpose just as the THC-Hydra but there are some also some differences among the both of them as well. This is a new release that adds in new modules which are followed:. The medusa password cracking tool is actually a command-line tool therefore the user needs to learn all the commands before he intends to use this tool.

The tool is able to test passwords per minute on a local system. Medusa also helps you perform parallel attacks. If you wish to crack the password of some email account simultaneously then you are able to specify the username list along with the password list. Medusa password cracking tool is a very impactful tool plus is very easy in use for making a brute force attack on any protocol.

If you wish to crack the password for FTP, or any other whose username is with you then to guess the valid password you need to make a password brute force attack by using the dictionary. For this, you can go with the following command where —p option is used to enable dictionary for the password list and —u option is used to enable the username parameter. Medusa —h Now you can observe that it was able to find 1 valid password that is for the username raj for FTP login.

If you wish to crack the username for FTP or any other whose password is kept with you then to guess the valid username you need to make a username brute force attack by using a dictionary. It is, therefore, a vice-versa situation if compared with the above-explained situation. For this, you need to go with the following command in which —p is used to enable the password parameter and —U is used to enable the dictionary for username list.

Now you can observe that it was able to find 1 valid username that is raj for the password FTP login. Medusa password cracking tool is used to brute force the password of the different OS as well as the login pages. It can be used in different public wifi networks.

It is quick and fast in use as compared to another tool that asks for hash files of the target OS. So this was Medusa password cracker free download in version 1.

Use this tool wisely as it is used for breaking passwords.

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