Xmax 300 seat

May The Yamaha XMax looks pretty cool in my opinion. Just being automatic also takes a lot of the annoyance out of traffic too. In fact it seems like a great prospect to replace our year-old clapped out cc scooter.

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The styling is subjective, but I find it a bit more proportionate than the front end on the TMax and a fair bit sportier too. As some comparison, the XMax has significantly more power than the NMax cc up top, and is actually a little less punchy on throttle opening, which I personally prefer.

The build quality is also a step up from the NMax, with larger 15in front and 14in rear wheels. The mm seat height is short, but keep in mind the XMax is kind of wide, which offsets this to a degree. The seat is comfortable, and the mm seat height is somewhat offset by the width of the bodywork. As mentioned the powerplant offers good power, with the liquid-cooled four-stroke single displacing cc and producing Forks are more akin to motorcycle items, while brakes are simple but powerful enough for my needs.

Forks are motorcycle style, with dual rear shocks, and while speed bumps and low speed potholes can be a bit rough, the overall ride is sporty but smooth.

Brakes are a single mm front rotor with two-piston caliper and quite strong all things considered. The smaller rear disc is good for control and lower speed stopping, but basically you need to use both brakes together for maximum effect. Overall comfort for me was good, with the feet down position the most natural at basically any speed, I could move my feet into the sportier upwards position but it felt less natural, even after a few weeks with the scooter.

I actually never used the key button. Analogue speedo and tacho frame the digital multi-function display. That means a single helmet, jacket and extras like a medium size backpack are easily stored, and everything is locked away out of sight when you leave the scooter.

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No additional storage needed. One day we fitted a full face helmet, my laptop backpack including 17in laptop and peripherals, plus a motorcycle jacket under the seat, with a bit of room to spare!

Under seat storage is super generous and a real highlight. Aside from this it was a great machine and one I was happy to spend several weeks on, doing my km each day commute and generally having a bit of fun.To change your search criteria click on the tabs above.

Yamaha X-Max 300 – First Ride Impressions!

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Yamaha X-MAX Customer reviews on Trust Pilot Trustpilot. Add to cart error. B74F Part Diagram Ref: 1. B74F Part Diagram Ref: 2. B74F Part Diagram Ref: 4. BU Part Diagram Ref: 8. BV Part Diagram Ref: 9. B74F Part Diagram Ref: B74H Part Diagram Ref: B65F Part Diagram Ref: Occupying that middle ground between the urban trot-abouts in the and cc classes and larger maxi-scooters, the MXAX and its obvious rival from Honda reside in the midi segment.

They also work as a real alternative to a car, so plenty of drivers could free up time and reduce the stress of commuting by swapping to a midi-scooter. To appeal to those car drivers who would only have to pass a CBT to swing a leg over the XMAXYamaha has blessed this model with some very four-wheel-alike features.

Starting with the keyless ignition, you just keep the fob safe in your pocket and turn the dash-mounted dial to fire up the cc motor. Or, you can twist the other way to pop open the fuel filler, flip-up seat and lockable glovebox. That glovebox has a volt power socket, so you can feed a sat-nav from this or charge a mobile phone with it securely stashed away.

Large, clear analogue instruments for the speedo and rev counter give at-a-glance information, while the digital centre display shows duel, temperature and trip information.

The warning tell-tales are also easy to see even in bright daylight. When you factor in the excellent quality of the plastics, top drawer fit and finish and a large standard screen that can be adjusted up or down by 50mm, the XMAX shows none of the demerits many car drivers might level at a scooter. You have large rear view mirrors, too, and the usual simple controls for throttle and brakes, though the levers are non-adjustable.

One point that could deter riders is the tall seat height. At mm, it 30mm higher than many similar machines. The seat height means some riders might also find placing a foot flat on the ground a little tricky, which is not what you want on a scooter that weighs kg when topped up with fuel.

xmax 300 seat

However, that weight instantly melts away the moment you pull away on the XMAX. The bright LED headlight gives good illumination on a dull morning start and alerts other drivers to you being there. The cc motor packs 28PS, so you can always get ahead of the pack as the lights turn green. The pay-off for this very grown-up, smooth riding nature is the XMAX is not the last word in nifty agility through town. Adding to that is a standard ABS braking system that operates on the front and rear discs, while the TCS traction control system provides a safety net on worn smooth city roads and greasy corners.

A inch front wheel lets the XMAX drive over most potholes rather than slamming into them, while the inch rear wheel helps when tipping into corners.

Yamaha XMAX 300 (2017) first ride, review and winter update

At the end of the journey, you have both side and centre stands to choose from. You can add to this with an optional top-box, which also acts to give pillions something to lean against or they can have their own backrest cushion. Another extra is the Comfort Seat, but we found the standard item more than padded enough for our posterior requirements.This electronic system prevents the rear tire from losing traction when the sensors detect any slip.

An advancement that keeps you safe and confident on non-firm surfaces. The XMAX liquid cooled Blue Core engine features optimized valve shapes, a compact combustion chamber and idealized timing. These reduce power loss and increase efficiency for better performance. The ABS gives you maximum braking control complemented by both front and rear disc brakes for superior stopping power.

You can now activate your XMAX with a Keyless ignition system, unlock the steering, seat, fuel tank, and compartment. Also, you can conveniently locate your unit with a press of a button.

The windshield can be raised 50mm higher for more protection from wind, deflect debris, and for more aerodynamic leverage. The Daytime Running Light on both ends make you more visible. These use less electrical power making the engine run more efficiently. It gives you a clear and class display with a center section for additional information.

The handlebar can be adjusted 20mm closer depending on your riding preference. This will suit your style and comfort for optimal riding. This compartment is equipped with internal LED lighting and gives you enough space for 2 Full-Face helmets. Features and Benefits.

Traction Control System This electronic system prevents the rear tire from losing traction when the sensors detect any slip. Adjustable Windshield The windshield can be raised 50mm higher for more protection from wind, deflect debris, and for more aerodynamic leverage. Adjustable Handle Bar The handlebar can be adjusted 20mm closer depending on your riding preference. Electric Power Socket This practical and functional feature allows you to charge devices on the move.

Technical Specification. Engine type. Cylinder arrangement. Compression ratio. Maximum horse power. Maximum torque. Starting system.

xmax 300 seat

Lubrication system. Engine oil capacity. Fuel Supply System. Clutch Type. Transmission Type. Frame type.

xmax 300 seat

Front Suspension.This performance comes bundled with a decidedly modern and mature look that just screams metro- commuter. The slanted headlights and cheekplate fairing complete with nosepiece sells the look while serving as the first layer of protection for the rider. Up top, a rather full windshield protects the torso, and the two-position, screen-height adjuster will allow you to crank it up another two inches for an even bigger pocket of protection.

Below the lights, the fairing shape flows into the full legguards that extend the pocket all the way down to the feet. A sculpted seat comes cut so as not to interfere with the thighs while standing with training wheels feet deployed which should make it more accessible to shorter riders in spite of its Yamaha added adjustable handlebars that can be pulled almost three-quarters of an inch closer to the rider to further accommodate the vertically-challenged.

Under the seat, a voluminous, lockable storage compartment can store up to two full-face helmets with LED lighting to help out when fumbling in the dark.

While there are grab rails built in, the low-profile pillion pad seems to be more appropriate as a flat spot for storage than a passenger-friendly place to sit. Plus the grab rails make a great place to anchor your bungee net. The level of rider protection and storage capacity coupled with the highway-conquering power is what makes me think it could be appropriate as a white-collar commuter.

Yamaha handled the underpinnings less like it was building a scooter and more like it was building a motorcycle with a proper tubular-steel frame rather than a monocoque assembly for the main structure on the XMAX. The inch front wheel and inch rear are comparable to many current small to mid-size cruisers and streetbikes, and even though it falls short of the current inch max for production scooters, the hoops are plenty big enough to improve handling far beyond what you would get from the classic rinkey-dink donut tires.

Another motorcycle-like feature can be found at the tripletree, namely the fact that, unlike many scooters nowadays, the XMAX runs with both an upper and a lower clamp that strengthens the front end and stiffens the forks against torsional forces.

As you might expect, the suspension is pretty plain with no adjustments on the 33 mm front stems, and only the obligatory spring preload on the dual coil-over rear shocks. Hydraulic calipers with a mm front disc and mm rear give the XMAX its stopping power, and the stock ABS ensures that you can use the brakes to their fullest without fear of the lockup that immediately precedes the tears.

The all-new one-lung powerplant and continuously-variable transmission form a stressed unit that replaces the swingarm for an all-in-one assembly.

xmax 300 seat

A SOHC actuates the four-valve head, and liquid-cooling deals with the waste heat while attenuating some of the engine noise with a water jacket.

The A DiASil aluminum cylinder runs sans liner to save weight and increase heat dissipation with a forged crankshaft and counter-balancer to finish it off. Electronic fuel injection manages the induction with a hole injector tip meant to improve fuel atomization and throttle response, but the real shining star of the drivetrain is the traction-control feature that prevents loss of traction by intervening when a speed differential is detected between the front and rear tires.

Between ABS and traction control, even novice riders should be able to keep this one dirty-side down. What does all that get us?

Well, the power tops out at 7, rpm with a claimed So, do you see what I mean about commuter ability? It is an estimate after all. Remember, that gets you ABS and traction control. Not a bad deal. The Burgman has a well put-together air with lines that flow with a synergy that illustrates the experience and confidence of the engineers, and I gotta admit I kind of like the beefy look the Burgman brings to the table.

As usual with the Burgman family, the comes with a deep seat and generous lumbar support but just the basics in the way of passenger comfort. The underpinnings are pretty similar with non-adjustable, hydraulic front forks and preload adjustments on the rear shocks. Disc brakes are another constant, as is the ABS protection that comes stock on both rides.

Suzuki gets a leg up in the power department. Suzuki offers up its Idle Speed Control feature for easy starts, but has no answer for the traction-control feature Yamaha brings to the table. Suzuki claims My wife and fellow motorcycle writer, Allyn Hintonsays, "The XMAX has a nice big instrument cluster with easy-to-read gauges, which I like better than a digital display. Even though the scooter looks substantial, the weight — what there is of it — is carried low so the handling is rather nimble and responsive.

I think 16s would make this an even more awesome ride. Read more Yamaha news. All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners.

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No infringement is intended.Because of this, the rumors that in Brazil the automaker is studying a brief release for the new Yamaha X MAX only increases. In addition to modern and beautiful, the bike has features that sigh economy. Precisely for this reason, any news that comes from within New Yamaha generates speculation and the idea that sales competition in this environment tends to increase.

New Yamaha X MAX 300 2021: PRICES, Datasheet, Photos and Consumption

The possible launch of the New Yamaha X MAX would bring more gas to the Scooter category, which sometimes becomes overlooked near the sturdy, high-displacement models.

In the country there are few Scooters with this power, and in addition to this strong feature in powertrain, the X MAX has modern colors and bold design. Adding more qualities.

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The model is rumored to have been tested in the country, but for some unknown reason the tests have stopped. This air of suspense can be a strong force for promoting and launching the bike.

It remains for the rider to cheer and wait. This investment is offset by the greater interest of consumers for a motorcycle that proves to be modern and technological. We can even say that the front of its time compared to other models. Bringing a different displacement alternative, considering what the market in this segment offers, the New Yamaha X MAX datasheet is made up of investment in powertrain. It is interesting to have access to the motorcycle specifications to make comparisons with other models, and to know more about how the performance of the X MAX works.

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It is believed that the data sheet indicates:. When New Yamaha officially releases new specifications, this article will be updated.

The bike is reputed to be economical in this regard. According to specialized portals the records are:. Related Posts Yamaha. About The Author admin More about this author. Author Posts.Out of all the bikes I have ridden this year, the one that surprised me the most was the Yamaha T-Max. Why you might ask? Well, let me explain. I learnt this whilst in Cape Town earlier in the year at theT-Max launch.

So, when Yamaha told me that they were introducing a smaller version of the T-Max, called the X-MaxI was extremely keen to get my hands on one to see if the smaller sibling could be as equally surprising. The X-Max is a thing of beauty! In my opinion Yamaha is making the nicest range of scooters in the market today — bar none! What immediately got my attention was the build quality of the X-Max I had dropped off the new Tracerwhich costs around twice the price of the X-Max and right away when climbing aboard the X-MaxI could feel the same build quality and that no short-cuts had been made by Yamaha in making this entry level commuter.

The instrument panel features an analogue speedometer and tachometer and in between is a fairly comprehensive LED panel with fuel gauge, temperature read out and a host of scroll through functions including; trip counter, air temp, odometer, fuel consumption and time; simple but all you really need.

The headlights and taillights are both LED and have been derived from the same DNA as the top of the range T-Max; they have a distinguished, high-tech look, which I really like.

Power is just under 28 bhp at rpm with torque clocking in at 29 Nm at rpm. In and around town the X-Max is such a blast to ride. What impressed me the most was whilst riding back from Johannesburg to Pretoria on the highway.

Incidentally, at rpm, the X-Max cruises at kph. The X-Max is also very comfortable. It has a couple of feet position options, the first giving you a more sit up and beg position and the other a laid-back cruising style. Both screen and handlebar positions are adjustable, the screen can be moved up and down by 50mm and the bars can be moved closer by 20mm.

I did not need to make any adjustments to the demo model as the set-up was perfect for me. However, taller riders should check this out before buying, as I feel they might feel crammed-in on the X-Max The X-Max is fitted with motorcycle style telescopic forks at the front and 5 way adjustable shocks at the rear riders can tweak the set up to their own preferences.

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With a inch front wheel and inch rear, the X-Max has great stability and has the ride feel of a motorcycle.

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